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Why Yoga With Me?

Yoga for Health & Happiness, Build your Physical and Mental Health,  Connect with your Inner Self, Your Inner Joy and create a New Fit You.


Why is Yoga so Good For You?

Yoga is the source of Radiating Positivity, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Dive into the Blissful Nectar of Purity and Divinity.

A Word from Our Clients

  • Thank You so much for pushing me to adopt a healthier lifestyle & raising the bar every day.. I have discovered a new version of myself & there is a see change in my personal appearance with in a month of learning yoga from you. I am impressed with your in-depth knowledge & the way you explain the benefits in a simple / understandable words. Once again thank you for stretching my limits..50 Surya Namaskar are the recent example.. I could not attempt even 5 earlier.. A BIG Thank you!!
    I am blessed to have you as my Guru!! 🙏🙏


    I, Priya modak, leaving in dubai,  follow yoga regularly, done by krishna Kumari Jadeja. The breathing techniques and d explanation given by her for every asanas are very helpful and informative!!🙏🙏

  • Hi, I am Apexa Mehta from Melbourne. I have been into yoga for a while but since I came in touch with Krishna Jadeja, I got more inspired by talking to her and watching her yoga videos on Facebook. They are extremely  influential. So now I have been following her videos and implied some of her techniques to my current routine. As a result I have started feeling more energised.
    Thank You 🙏🏻


    Her positive attitude and smile makes me look at life with positivity and happiness! Following krishna Kumari has benefited me in every aspects of my life🙏


    I also feel energetic throughout the day

  • My name is Yash Dalmia and I am a student pursuing Engineering.

    In the midst of February, I came to know about Krishna Jadega mam and joined her personal yoga classes.
    Before joining classes I had several small yet severe impactable health problems like insomnia, stress, anxiety which I couldn't heal up by myself, But after attending classes, day by day I myself felt something good inside. I started feeling positive and cheerful throughout the whole day, also my sleeping problem vanished within a week of attending sessions. 

    Thanks to Krishna mam for changing my life.
    I also recommend who so ever reading this as It sounds trivial but indeed, there can be even the most minute thing bothering any of us and eventually leading to anxiety and stress. Doing yoga helps!

    Also, I want to share my mom experience, She took some tips from Krishna mam a month ago for weight loss.

    She is doing yoga daily and follow the diet as per the guidance and started seeing changes progressively.

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